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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 8, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PST

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all right, michael was not kidding. he bolted. the next discovery may help us understand what happened before the last ice age. scientists in antarctica have discovered an entirely new life form. it's bacterial dna that humans have never seen before. the russian scientist who is did the work say the samples were taken from the underground frozen lake that has been untouched for -- get this -- 14 million years. the cnn "newsroom" continues right now.
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hello again, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. you're in the newsroom. the vatican has announced when the conclave we'll start. we'll tell you the date. then more people got jobs in february than the start of the year. are we starting to see a real recovery? >> and an ast raid the size of one city block is hurting toward earth. have no fear. this one is doing afully by. i'm fredricka whitfield in for suzanne malveaux. what a week on wall street. four days, four straight record highs. also encouraging news on the job front. let's go to alison kosik now at the new york stock exchange.
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so is this really great news? good news. is this sign of a real recovery? >> it shows the jobs picture is getting brighter. the momentum is trying to build. you really want to see these numbers continue. we learned employers added 236 jobs in february. it was a blow-out number. it was a number that surprised wall street. and it is part of the reason you are seeing the dow continue its move higher. the dow up 35 points right now. the dow already hit a trifecta of records. it's probably going for a fourth. if improving jobs records has a lot to do with it. the the expectation was employers added only 170,000 positions. also the unemployment rate fell from 7.9% to 7.7%. overall, there's really not much stopping the bulls lately. one analyst puts it this way. as we get further and further
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from the economic crisis, people are getting more confident and want to get on the train before it leaves the station. meaning stocks. >> and so how optimistic are people? >> you know, it is getting harder and hard tore find a bear. that's not to say that they are not out there. one trader is expecting stocks to do a 15% pullback. those are affecting the trade today. you're not seeing the dow really rally on such a stellar jobs report. and so that is affecting the trade. the path of least resistance for the stock market is upward. >> alison kosik, thanks so much for what is, i think everyone would agree, is good news. appreciate that. the winter storm that dumped a foot of snoi on the midwest then moved east is causing some serious coastal flooding today in massachusetts.
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check out this surf in sandwich, massachusetts. there's a coastal flood warning through this evening on the south shore. residents are being warned could be destructive high tides and several towns were asked to evacuate yesterday. you can see the house that you're about to see there. yeah, that one actually collapsed and several others are a total loss on plum island. virginia also has a flood advisory until 7:00. meantime, the snow keeps coming finish new yorkers this morning and really strong wind gusts are causing airport delays from philadelphia to boston. zane, good to see you. what are new yorkers saying about the snow? >> reporter: hey, fred. there was a little bit of uncertainty about how much snow we were actually going to get here in manhattan. but people here are june yunly surprised to draw the curtains
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and see their city covered in a blanket of snow. it's more like rain. we did get roughly two to three inch ls. but we're on the streets of manhattan. it's not really accumulating. the temperatures are relatively high here. so the snow isn't accumulating on the ground. let's talk about other parts of the country. roughly 10 to 12 inches of snow. i was in scituate, massachusetts, yesterday. coastal flooding was the name of the game. and dramatic video of a house collapsing because of the severe weather. i'm going to show you manhattan right now. you know, a slushy commute. if you are planning heading out, just be careful. fred? >> and how about for the weekend? >> yeah, well, for the weekend, you know, we are expecting a lot better temperatures in manhattan. roughly around 40 or 50 degrees
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here. in the south, 60 or 70 degrees. we do have a treat in store for us. >> a nice little warmup. it's going to be a slushy mess, though. all right. it's getting closer. the vote to elect a new pope just days away now. the vatican now says the conclave will begin on tuesday. let's go straight to rome and our senior vatican analyst. even though the conclave starts on tuesday it will take time to hear the verdict. who becomes the new hopope to s that white smoke, right? >> yeah, that's absolutely right. the way this conclave works is that in order to be elected pope, a candidate has to get two-thirds of the vote. there are 115 cardinal who is will be voting in the conclave. that means the magic threshold is 77 votes. they'll go as long as it takes for somebody to get here. the shortest in history was two hours. and this longest is almost three
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years. it's really anyone's guess how long this may take. >> so paint a picture for us of what happens once the conclave begins to meet. what transpires during that time? >> reporter: well, what will happen is on tuesday the cardinals will hold a special mass for the election of the pope. then that night they will go into the 16th schap el. they will hold one ballot that night. the next day two ballots in the morning. two in the afternoon. they'll keep going until somebody gets two-thirds. this isn't a simple matter of having guys raise hands. the way it works is each cardinal has to fill out a ballot. they're given 10 or 15 minutes to do that. then individually they have to get up to a special table placed at the foot of michael angelo's famous. they are to swef they're voting nor the man they think should be elected. then they have to be counted by a bank of please cardinals. another bank of three cardinals has to check the vote.
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soup to nuts. one round takes about an hour and a half. the entire day, both morning and afternoon is consumed doing nothing other than casting ballots. >> and then once there is, say, a list of names, if it boils down to that, is there an open discussion. i mean, i know that, you and i have talked before. there is no campaigning, so to speak. but is there kind of an open discussion about the candidates before people fill out these ballots? >> reporter: well, first of all let's be clear, there's know campaigning that you and i are going to see. but there is campaigning going on, obviously. you know, the campaigning doesn't go on inside the 16th chapel. where the politics of conclave happen, they're happening now as they get together privately, in various places around rome to talk to one another. once the conclave begin, it will happen inside the hotel on vatican grounds where cardinals will be staying during the
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process. and at breakfast, lunch and dinner in the very large hotel. you will see them meet in twos and threes and 10s and 20s. and that's really where the conversation goes on. what happens inside the 16th chapel is ceremonial. the politics is everything that happens on the outside. >> john allen. thanks so much for bringing that perspective to us from rome. the earth will get a close encounter with a large asteroid this weekend. rest easy, though. the giant space rock that is about the size of a city block won't get closer than 600,000 miles. the moon is less than half that distance away. it won't be like what we experienced or witnessed a few weeks ago when a meteor slammed into southern russian area near kazakhstan. that explosion shattered windows, as you heard in the vid videotape, for miles. about 1,500 people were hurt as well. coming up this hour, bill clinton is speaking out in support of same-sex marriage.
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why the former president wants to overturn the law that defines marriage between a man and a woman. then while parts of the country are trying to limit access to guns, one town in georgia is trying to require, make it mandatory that citizens own them. and the battle over sugary drinks in new york is now affecting coffee drinks. why a large coffee with sugar may be rather thard to find. this is the cnn "newsroom." it's all happening now. to pick up some accessories.ud a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply.
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all right, this man related to the most notorious terror leader faced a judge a couple of hours ago in new york. wii told he was captured in turkey and turned over to officials in jordan. the charge is conspiracy to kill americans. he pleaded not guilty to the charge this morning. bill clinton is having a change of heart about the defense of marriage act that he signed 17 years ago. he now wants the u.s. supreme court to overturn the law that defines marriage as only between a man and a woman. clinton wrote in this "washington post" editorial saying, quote, on march 27th, doma will come before the u.s.
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supreme court and the justices must decide whether it is consistent with the principles of a nation that honors freedom, equality and justice above all and is therefore constitutional. as the president who signed the act into law, i believe -- i have come to believe that doma is contrary to the principles and in fact, incompatible with our constitution. senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin joining me now from new york. clinton said that 1996 was a very different time. so how influential will the former president's words be when the justices take this up? >> well, it's really in a remarkable just event in american history to have a president of the united states say that a bill he signed was unconstitutional. i can't think of another example of a president doing that. you know, as a technical legal matter, this is not relevant to the justices.
10:17 am
the justices are dealing with the law of the constitution and the precedence of the supreme court. but in the real world, the changes in all attitudes towards gay rights, towards same-sex marriage, i think will have a big impact. >> and to what degree? we are talking about an evolution of thinking. we are talking about even the justices, you know, some might acknowledge that their legal opinions change just as times change. contrary -- whether it's contrary to what the law states. >> you know, this is a philosophical debate that goes on at the supreme court all the time. you have justices like anthony scalia who says it means what it meant in the 18th century ratified by the states. that's all it means. it doesn't evolve. other justices say of course the constitution means something different. the society changes, so our understanding of words like
10:18 am
equal protection change. that's a fif soft call split. the court is split about 4 fouro one on the issue. anthony kennedy will determine the outcome. >> and is this an argument that you see will take an awful long time before there's a real conclusion coming from that court? well, i don't think it will be all that long. the supreme court term ends always at the end of june we'll have an answer. we'll have an answer on the constitutionality of the defensive marriage act as well as proposition 8. the law that says no same-sex marriage in california. both cases will be resolved legally. but the political fight will certainly continue long after june. >> wow, so as early as this summer. jeffrey toobin, thank you so much. appreciate it. let's take a look at live pictures for venezuela. that's where the funeral for
10:19 am
president hugo chavez is under way. vice president nicholas maduro says the former president will be embalmed and his body put on permanent display. a new york city officer is accused of plotting to kidnap, and yes, cook and eat women. now his fate is in the hands of a jury. then a cruise ship returning to port early because this time neuro virus. what that means is next. good morning, turtle. ♪ my friends are all around me ♪ my friends, they do surround me ♪ ♪ i hope this never ends ♪ and we'll be the best of friends ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the reimagined 2013 chevrolet traverse. all set? all set. with spacious seating for up to eight. imagine that. chevrolet. find new roads. celery...yes. chips...delicioso.
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all right. trouble again on another cruise ship. this time a vision of the seas cruise ship apparently more than 100 people have gotten sick from a virus. elizabeth cohen is with us now on what the virus is all about. we're talking about the neurovirus. people have heard about that. maybe no clear understanding of what that means. how sick do you get? >> you get pretty sick. most people who are healthy will feel awful for a couple of days and recover. but it's bad vomiting and diarrh diarrhea. it's not pleasant. >> this ship is coming back to port there. roigt. so many people are sick. this is extremely contagious. and if you get this, there's an excellent chance that everyone around you get it. you have to be scrupulous about hand watching and cleaning out surfaces. it's a tough virus to prevent. it really is. >> so how will these people be
10:23 am
treated on board as they make their way to port? >> they're treated with basic over the counter things that any of us would take if we had stomach problems, diarrhea, vomiti vomiting. you want to look out for elderly people, the very young and people with immune problems. the people with immune problems are told not to go on cruises. it is so common that they're told, don't even get on there. >> why would we care about the neurovirus so often. >> exactly. the germs have a great chance. you have a ton of people in ha small space. they can't go anywhere else. it's a great place to get a bug. >> what drag. people were looking forward to a ten-day trip, all kinds of incredible places and then they get sick and come home. >> they do the best they can. they wash everything down.
10:24 am
they ask if you've had any issues in the last three days i imagine some people, you paid for it. you might just say yes. i've been waiting nor this trip. >> all right. elizabeth cohen, thanks so much. not life threatening, but very uncomfortable. >> and life threatening if you were sick to start with. >> thanks so much, elizabeth. >> yes. a jury is now delivering the fate of a man known as the cannibal cop. this is new york city. the police officer is charged with planning a long list of violent acts against women. kidnapping, murder and eating the bodies of the victims. sunny hosten is there outside the courthouse. sunny, the jury now has the case. it's been a long going, very drawn out process. has there been lot of evidence ouz were this speculative based on eyewitness accounts? >> reporter: you know, it's very interesting. i thought going into this we
10:25 am
would get a verdict fairly quickly because it was a case that was pretty cut and dry, in my view, having tried so many cases. it was about whether or not he was fantasizing or whether or not he really intended to kidnap and rape and murder and eat these alleged victims. interestingly enough, the jury has been deliberating for over five hours. it seems that they have dug in. they've asked for a white board. they've asked for a flip board. they've asked several questions. they've asked for the transcripts of seven witnesses. so it seems to me that they have have been paying attention but that they don't think that this is an easy case. and they may, in fact, be digging in. i thought we would get a verdict perhaps yesterday. clearly i was wrong. so while it's windy and snowy out here in front of the courthouse, it's probably pretty hot back there in the jury room. >> so what seems to have been the most damning piece of evidence, if there is such a thing, against him to allow or
10:26 am
to help prosecutors try to make their case? >> i will tell you what i think this jury is struggling with is while he was perhaps fantasizing and perhaps on these websites and in these chat rooms discussing these plans, the prosecution says he went a step further. he got into his car, traveled to maryland and had brunch with one of his alleged targets. and i believe from wuchb of the jury notes that they sent out that they are struggling with that. is that perhaps crossing the line? will that lead to a conviction on that alleged conspiracy to kid map? perhaps. but it is interesting that the jury asked a question about that particular element of the crime. >> sunny hostin, thanks so much. keep us posted. the young woman kill eed by
10:27 am
lion was not mauled to death, but she was certainly killed by the 350-pound cat that suddenly attacked her inside the animal's enclosure. her father talked to cnn's ander son cooper last night. >> there was no mauling by the lio lion. >> it was a quick suffocation and neck fracture. and also she was so happy. her last two months were the happiest of her life. her mother and i agree that we have never seen her happier than the two months she has been there since january 2nd when we got there. >> paul han season told anderson that he had a premonition that something bad would happen while working with the lions. 24-year-old died on wednesday. she was working there as an intern. while parts of the country are trying to limit access to
10:28 am
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well, you know the saying, the long arm of the law. well, one new jersey cop appears to put it into action, punching a woman right in the face and then knocking her to the ground there. it happened during a scuffle, whoa, outside a nightclub, and it was caught on this cell phone video. no word on the woman's condition. an investigation is kundsly under way. and a judge in georgia minced no words in sentencing a man convicted of rape, home invasion and robbery. after the man cursed that he didn't want to hear the sentence, the judge declared, whether you want to hear it or not, you're an animal. end quote. he then sentenced him to seven consecutive life terms plus 270 years. all right. do you think crime would go down
10:32 am
if every household had a gun? a georgia town is proposing a requirement for each head of household to have a gun an ammunition. that town is 50 miles north of atlantic. victor blackwell is here to tell us about this. is this sitting well with residents? >> some say this is a sham. others say most people in this town have a gun anyway. and we should say that essentially this is a small town thumbing its nose at washington. and i'll tell you why. this is not the first time this happened. georgia had a requirement for 25 years and gun crimes have been pretty low there for 25 years. but i soak with bill today. he is the issue's committee chairperson for the local tea party chapter. and he says this is a part of a campaign by his chapter, the tea party, to spread this across georgia, across the country. and i asked him why. he said three reasons primarily. first, as a deterrent to criminals. if there's an issue with the gun inside the home, police will know there should be a gun
10:33 am
there, because it's required by law. third he said, and i wrote it down, to tell the federal government they're not going to take the guns away. there is no consequence for not having a gun. so we spoke to -- we heard rather from people who live in the city of nelson, georgia, about 1,400 people. let's listen to them. okay. so we don't have that sound. but there's some who stay this is a sham. if there's no consequence, all it is is a political statement. there are other who is say most people here have a gun. >> new arsenal this in the political fight. >> yeah. >> okay, so what kind of recourse in the resident says i don't want to abide by this? >> well, that's part of the law. if you have some religious or belief system that opposes owning weapons. if you have mental issues that would make it unsafe for you, then you don't have to, or if you're a felon. those exemptions. i think we have that sound from
10:34 am
the people who live in nelson. >> most everybody that lives here that are original residents here have always had firearms. >> what's the point? by their own admission, this is a sham ordnance. it's just for play. >> a got a statement from the mayor of nelson just a few moments ago. he said he wanted to make sure if people knew the city would offer gun safety classes. there will be no consequence if you don't own the gun. it's really a statement. >> all right. and now a fascinating story, too. >> it is, indeed. april 1st they will make the decision that will go into effect. >> thank you so much. hate groups in the u.s. are on the rise. the southern law center reports an 8% increase in patriot extremes in 2012 over the year before. that's a total of more than
10:35 am
1,300 zbrups. most are anti-government militias. and two students at a junior high school outside of houston were recently disciplined for making racist taunts against an african-american student. here's what his mother told ktrk. >> my girl wrote on the board black justin in front of the class. my son was upset. they said he was invited to a kkk birthday party with lots of fun and games. >> another african-american called the racist behavior the norm. she said, kwoet, we are the minorities and we're treated as the minorities. >> bill gates says the education system in the is failing our kids. speaking of the south by southwest conference in austin, the microsoft founder said tablet computers, smart phones, e-readers are key to turning things around. >> the college level, our
10:36 am
dropout rates are the highest in the world. with the wave of software being created pa personalizes to the student. it goes to their speed. it understands which concepts they understand. it helps them maybe go back and look at a lecture about the material. there's a real promise here that the kids can be engaged in a way that hasn't been possible before. >> he says america's education system is at a technology tipping point -- his words. he says some educators are considering making all textbooks digital. and the the february jobs report shows the unemployment rate fell to the lowest level since 2008? are the jobs being added? good jobs? we'll explain, next. ♪ whoo! ♪ all around the world ♪ everybody singin' along ♪ singin' along ♪ never lookin' back ♪ it's a long, long way from my home ♪ [ male announcer ] with the best lineup of vehicles ever, introducing the new chevrolet.
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talk to your doctor about all your symptoms. get the blood tests. change your number. turn it up. androgel 1.62%. several women from around the world will be honored at the state department later today for putting their lives at risk in the name of women's rights. u.s. sec tash of state john kerry and first lady michelle obama will preside over the
10:40 am
women of courage ceremony. the women come from everywhere, from afghanistan to somalia to russia and honduras. here is why they are working so hard. 60% of the world's hungry are female. more than 500 million do not know how to read or write. 7 out of 10 women have experienced physical or sexual violence. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords was given an honor today. he was named this year's recipient of the john f. kennedy profile encouragement award. despite giffords' injuries, she has demonstrated political, personal courage in her fearless public advocacy for policy reforms aimed at reducing gun violence. giffords was shot and wounded at a congress on the the corner event in tucson, arizona, at a gloe grocery store in 2011. the february jobs report shows the unemployment rate fell to the lowest level since 2008.
10:41 am
but are the jobs good? are they good quality jobs that have been added? ali velshi and christine romans explains. >> let's talk about jobs. i have no idea what this is. christine is going to tell you about it. in february the united states created 236,000 net new jobs. it means jobs minus jobs lost. 236,000, way more than we expected. but a long time ago both presidential candidates said 3 million a year, that's $250,025a month. if that happens, i'll wear a dress for a week. so i'm worried. >> this is the trend. here are all the jobs lost during the great recession and financial crisis. a really tough year and a half there. we tried to figure out sustained job growth. here's what it looks like more recently. on average, 195,000 jobs created every month. if you go like this, ali, you don't have to wear a dress. is that right?
10:42 am
>> we want to be able to create this many jobs. but what is the questionerer getting? is this good quality jobs? that's a housing market recovery. you feel better if your house is worth more? >> a little bit of it started that way. it has been holding in there. but we lost two and a half million manufacturing jobs. so 14,000. we'll take it. also when you look at retail jobs, that's important. and health care jobs. some of them pay $19,000 a year. some of them are physical therapists. >> there are a lot of different types of health care jobs, but these have never been negative. these are not been negative for years.
10:43 am
all through the recession, we never gave up health care jobs. mining jobs. may not like mining. but they're good paying jobs. >> let me give you one more thing to look at, ali. here is private sector job creation. that's 36 months in a row in that. and you're feeling these. >> these are government jobs. the bottom line is we are building the jobs in the private sector. but the governments are laying off. >> this is likely school. see if it's not your job, you could be feeling it for the services you're getting in school. >> so it's an interesting jobs report. important for you to look at. particularly if you're considering getting a new job or changing. >> despite the job gains, a new study shows workers are doing a lot more work but not making more money. you can see the line for productivity going way up since 2008.
10:44 am
that rose 248%. but then, look at the wages. hourly compensation has only gone up 113%. and it got way worse after 1978. wages stayed stagnant or went down while productivity skyrocketed. all right, health care in america. dr. sanjay gupta is out with a new film that takes a look at the holes in our system. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally.
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did you know in america you are two or three times as likely to get a heart stint than other western countries? you're also twice as likely to get a knee replaced. a new cnn documentary shows how
10:48 am
the health care system pushes doctors to do more surgery instead of paying more attention to prevention. >> first up, a new documentary that takes a hard look at my profession, medicine. it's called escape fire. it makes a controversial case. it says doctors focus too much on money. they do unnecessary procedures. they don't spend enough time on basic prevention. case in point. a patient diagnosed in her 30s with heart disease who had bypass surgery, 27 cardiac and stints to keep her heart open. doctors got her cholesterol and blood pressure under control and counseling on diet and exercise helped yvonne lose 20 pounds. all in an effort to try to avert more surgery. >> i can't tell you how shocked we were. here is a young woman whose diabetes is not well controlled. her high pressure blood pressure was never well controlled. >> breathe in for me.
10:49 am
>> if someone had talked to her about her chest pain and shortness of breath, many of her stints would not have been necessary. >> i want to point out something. this is important. when people watch the film they're left with the impression that yvonne finally came to the cleveland clinic. she got her cholesterol and weight under control. and things were great. but that's not the whole story. she ended up having another bypass operation. that's an important point. it doesn't always work. i mean, the impression, i think, was misleading there. don't you think? >> i do. we can't prevention disease in everybody. but we have to try. she had all the stints before she had the risk factors controlled. that's not good medicine. we have to teach young physicians that prevention comes
10:50 am
first. >> who should absolutely get a stint? >> so anybody that is having a heart attack should get a stintd. it's the best treatment and it saves lives. period. everybody agrees on that. the next group of people are people who have tried and are failing. there are a lot of people like that. >> and you can see escape fire in the entirety followed immediately by the rest of my discussion on rescuing the american health care system. that's sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. >> and the battle over sugary drinks in new york is messing with the coffee. how a large coffee with sugar may become hard to find. r busine in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business.
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10:53 am
all right, the battle over sugar in new york is going a step farther. it is now messing with your coffee. it is all part of mayor michael bloomberg's ban on big sugar y drinks and complying with the new rules isn't as easy as you might think. lattes won't change because they have milk. but with sugar is another story. here's mary snow. >> reporter: along with that cup of coffee, a side order of new rules. dunkin' donuts is handing out these flyers to its new york city customers on how new regulations spills over into its coffee business. it's part of the ban on super sized sugary drinks that goes into effect tuesday as part of the city effort to fight obesity. to comply, dunkin' donuts will no longer put sugar in coffee over 16 ounces. you'll have to do it yourself.
10:54 am
>> i'm surprised. i thought it was, like, soda and iced teas. i didn't know it was coffee until now. >> it is annoying. i believe it is unnecessary. there are so many other things to worry about in this city. >> reporter: the city isn't banning restaurants from putting sugar in coffee. the department of health says the limit for a barista is four packets of sugar per 20 ounces. and customers themselves can add as much sugar as they want. but dunkin' donuts says it wants to cut down on any confusion. mcdonald's also says it will tell customers to add their own sugar in coffee over 16 ounces. both places say they have been prepping workers to be ready. at restaurants, sodas this size is what the city doesn't want served. this is 20 ounces. this one is still okay, it is 12 ounces. and customers can order as many as they want. but at restaurants like this one, that prides itself on texas-sized servings, it makes a difference. >> everything is big. >> reporter: eric levine is the director of dallas barbecue which has ten restaurants.
10:55 am
are you going to stop using those 20 ounce glasss? >> we will when the law says we have to. right now we're in a limbo and we're allowed by the city law to hold off until i think about june. >> reporter: the city says it will not enforce violations for three months as restaurants adjust. levine is waiting to see the result of a lawsuit filed by restaurants, beverage companies and others to try and stop the city from its ban on super sized drinks. he estimates all the changes will cost his business tens of thousands of dollars and plenty of headaches. >> a lot of aggravation, menu changes, sign changes, digital boards, facebook, websites, information training, computers, everything. >> reporter: mary snow, cnn, new york. coming up, police are investigating a new death threat against justin bieber. just another moment in a very tough week for the pop star. and disney is taking a gamble by coming out with a twist to a classic. "oz: the great and powerful ," a
10:56 am
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all right, it is one thing to have a bad week. it is another thing to have it plastered all over the press. and, today, justin bieber had just had enough. >> [ bleep ]. >> what did you say? what did you say? [ bleep ]. >> oh, boy. bieber in london, blowing a gasket there, an altercation happened. now, just last night, he got
10:59 am
sick at the concert and he was taken to the hospital, just as a precaution. and don't worry, fans, it appears he's okay. it all comes on the heels of his blunder on monday when he arrived two hours late to his performance and now to make matters worse, bieber has been the target of a death threat. police are investigating a prisoner in new mexico who was recorded on the telephone trying to hire a hit man to kill the singer. the prisoner is now in solitary confinement with no phone privileges. "oz the great and powerful ," disney's prequel to "the wizard of oz" is hitting theaters today. it is expected to be a box office hit. here is nischelle turner. >> there is no place like home. >> reporter: classic lines, classic footwear. "the wizard of oz" is beloved. according to library of congress, more people have se